Tree frogs are mobs with low health.

Friendly tree frogs Edit

Green tree frog

The friendly green tree frog

Green tree frogs are your friends/food. They are passive and will not fight back. When killed, green tree frogs drop frog legs, which can be cooked to heal 1.5 hunger points.

Poison tree frogs Edit

Blue, red, and yellow tree frogs are aggressive and will attack you on sight. They spit poison. A poisoned player will quickly loose health. When killed, a poison tree frogs drop poison skin which can be used to make poison darts.

Red tree frogs are unique in that they use the same texture for all four legs. Every other tree frog has a separate texture for each leg.

Red tree frog

A poisonous red tree frog

Blue tree frog

A poisonous blue tree frog

Yellow tree frog

A poisonous yellow tree frog

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