To swim underwater without drowning you will need:

·       Scuba Harness

·       Scuba Goggles

·       Scuba Tanks

·       An air compressor to fill the tanks

Flippers are also useful.

Items you will need:

Plain Glass, Stained Glass, Chunk O’ Head blocks, Azurite Crystal, Zircon Crystals and either Yellow or Pink Dye.

What To Do:

Make Air Tanks from a Lever and Stained Glass.

Make an Air Compressor from eight Chunk O’ Heads and an Azurite Crystal.

Right click the Tank into the Air Compressor and leave it to fill.

Whilst it’s filling

·       Make a Regulator from Chunk O’ Heads and Dye.

·       Make Goggles from Zircon Crystals, plain Glass and the Regulator.

·       Make a BCD from Zircon Crystals and Dye.

·       Make a Weight Belt from Chunk O’ Heads and Dye.

·       Make a Scuba Harness from Zircon Crystals, Weight Belt and BCD.

Once you have filled air tank/s, it’s time to insert them into the Harness.

Shift right-click the Air Compressor with the Harness and you will be able to insert tanks.

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