An awake head

Easter Island Heads are unique mobs that resemble Moai, or stone statues carved by the polynesian colonizers of Easter Island. When spawned, they are "asleep," but when you attack or go near them, their eyes will grow red. Swords and axes are useless; pickaxes are the only thing that can hurt them. Wooden pickaxes have no effect. They will attack you when you get in range. The attacks are more like of a zombie. Small groups of them are a bit of a challenge if you want to attack them. They spawn on peaceful. They drop Chunk O' Head when killed. Even if on peaceful mode an easter island head will attack the player if holding a Chunk O' Head block. These mobs move considerably slower in water. Do not confuse these with the generated structure version. If you can go through one and push it, the Easter Island head is a mob. The block version if filled with lava and a type of ore block for eyes. 

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