Bamboo is a resource block similar to Sugar Cane. It is the sole material for crafting Bamboo Planks (Bamboo Blocks), Bamboo Slabs, and Bamboo Mugs, and serve as an material for crafting Bamboo Stairs. Bamboo can grow up twelve blocks high. Bamboo can be fashioned into sticks and used as the handles and base of tools. It can also be crafted by itself to create Bamboo Mugs and Spears.

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Naturally occurring Bamboo, along with its item.

Bamboo is a versatile building material. Not only can the player use it, but the Koa tribe use it in their builds as well.



Crafting Recipes for Bamboo

(note: this only includes very basic recpies and does not mention the majorty.) Example: bamboo fences, bamboo spear, bamboo chest, etc.


Recipe for Bamboo Mug

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