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The full collection of masks.

The Ashen Mask is an extremely valuable possession to the Ashen tribe. The Ashen do not like to be seen without their prized mask, as it represents who they are in their hostile society. There are 13 in all, varying in size and shape.


The Ashen mask can be used to distinctly recognize an Ashen from far away, by looking at the various shapes and silhouettes atop their head. Ashen masks can be used as decoration to flaunt a player's achievement in slaying one. The mask can also be worn to make an Ashen tribe neutral towards you. This is useful for exploring the inside of a Home Tree. To obtain one, you must kill an Ashen or find these in rare loot chests (look at treasure chests, these can be found under naturally generated purified sand veins). When an Ashen is attacked, the mask is knocked off and it will try to retrieve it when lost.