The Ashen are one of the tribes of native inhabitants of the Tropicraft 

A group of Ashen inhabiting a treetop


From the eyes of an Ashen.jpg
The world from the perspective of an Ashen. Notice that wearing an ashen mask has the same effect as wearing a pumpkin.



No one has ever seen the face of an Ashen. Players reported that they have no face at all! It is a bit of a faux pas to have a naked face in their society. They are small, with masks of varying shapes.


Ashen are much smaller than the player or koa villagers.



Their speed is as fast as a baby zombie.

Attack & Defense

The Ashen, when encountered by the player, hold a blow dart which carry a paralyzing injection. However, if you don't hit them and just walk around them, they will not bother you.

They are extremely aggressive, but only attack whilst the player is paralyzed. An Ashen can be dealt with safely only by avoiding a blow from their paralyzing darts. They are also armed with bamboo spears.

If only one Ashen hits you with a dart, they will all proceed to assault you.


They spawn with in small groups within the Home Tree(the picture above).

Ashen Masks

A way to get them to be neutral toward you is to obtain and wear one of their Ashen Masks. These can be obtained by killing one or finding them in rare loot chest(These are called Treasure Chests which are found under naturally generated veins of purified sand on the surface). When a Ashen is attacked, it's mask will usually be knocked off and the Ashen will try to retrieve it.


The Ashen prefer living the coverage of the rainforest. The abundant trees and thick foliage of the rainforest does well to hide their villages from potential threats. Ashen spawn in small, nonsocial groups within Home Trees.

You can identify the Home Tree because it has four extruding branches and has a loot chest on top. There are mob spawners and a natural ladder to reach the top made of vines. The Home Tree is extremely different than the other trees in the rain forest.

The Ashen spawn in big trees with a hollow trunk


The Ashen hunters are armed with blow darts. Although nonlethal, one of their darts has enough toxins to completely paralyze a human for six seconds. Unlike Koa, they do not hunt monsters at night.


  • The Ashen are one of the two tribes in Tropicraft, the other being the Koa
  • Ashen can spawn with any of the 16 Ashen masks. Ashen masks can be worn, or placed on the side of blocks
  • When an Ashen's mask is removed, it will cover its eyes until it retrieves the mask.
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